Best Reads in 08'

This year was the year of Biblical Theology. In no particular order, here are my top ten favorite reads from 2008:

  • New Testament Theology - Thomas R. Schreiner: Probably the most helpful book I read this year. His thematic New Testament theology is grounded in inaugurated eschatology (the already/not yet). His chapter on the law in salvation history brought tears to my eyes.
  • Surprised by Hope - N.T. Wright: Wright is at his best on resurrection and the new earth. Going to heaven is the penultimate hope, but resurrection is ultimate. Review here, and other links here and here.
  • Letters Along the Way - D.A. Carson & John Woodbridge: Great fictional account of a young pastor and a seasoned theologian. Short Review here.
  • Total Church - Tim Chester & Steve Timmis: This book was refreshing. Christ-centered, Word-based, with an emphasis on community and social justice.
  • Salvation to the Ends of the Earth - Kostenberger & O'Brien: This is great biblical theology, but they spend minimal time on the OT which is somewhat appropriate for mission.
  • The Search for Order - William Dumbrell: Dumbrell is a hero. This is a biblical theology of eschatology. He basically walks through the Bible expositing key texts. Full of exegetical insights while not losing the big picture.
  • The Temple and the Church's Mission - Greg Beale: Wow! This one will require a second and probably third read. Eden was a temple-garden, and it, the tabernacle, and the temple were microcosms of the entire world. Christ is the true temple. Through the Spirit, the church is now the true temple, and we now are commissioned to expand the temple (God's presence) as we await the new heaven and new earth where there is no temple because God's unmediated presence will be there.
  • Romans (BECNT) - Thomas R. Schreiner: The letter to the Romans has arguably been the most influential and life-changing letter ever written (think of Augustine, Luther, Wesley, Barth, Piper). We had to read all of this one for Dr. Schreiner's Greek class on Romans. It was a joy to read through his clear exegesis of this wonderful letter.
  • He Who Gives Live - Graham Cole: I appreciated two things in particular about this one-brevity, and biblical theology informing systematic theology.
  • The Reason for God - Tim Keller: Praise God for this book. If you have any unbelieving friends who are thinkers, get them this book. Keller is somewhat Van Tillian, is a pastor, has a great understanding of the human heart, and has spent many years conversing with New Yorkers. The chapters on sin and the gospel & religion are worth the price of the book.

What have you read that has been particularly helpful this year?
(Here are the best reads from 06' & 07')