Church History Overview Lectures

I recently listened to an 8 lecture overview of church history by Dr. Andy Davis, pastor of First Baptist Church Durham. If you are ignorant of history (as most of us are), then you may find them helpful. I did. Here they are, and here is the link:

1. The Early Church: Spiritual Conquest of the Roman Empire (30-325AD) - mp3/notes
2. Christological Controversies and Augustine (325-590AD) - mp3/notes
3. Medieval Christianity: Popes, Monks, Crusaders, and Scholastics (590-1517) - mp3/notes
4. The Reformation: Luther, Zwingli, the Anabaptists (1517-1559AD) - mp3/notes
5. The Reformation: Calvin, the English Reformation (1536-1603AD) - mp3/notes/outline of English Reformation
6. Post Reformation Europe: Nations, Reason, and the Revival (and the English Reformation) (1545-1914 A.D.)
7. America: Puritans, Two Awakenings, Slavery (1609-1900) - mp3/notes
8. 20th century: Fundamentalism vs. Modernism, Missions - mp3/notes

Also of note for church history overviews is Christopher Catherwood's "Church History: A Crash Course for the Curious," which is only 224 pgs. We have picked this one up and plan on reading it soon, as it looks helpful.

(Props: PJ)