Carson on Typology

I was recenlty listening to a lecture on 'Preaching and Biblical Theology' by D.A. Carson and thought this comment was worth sharing:

"Biblical Theology helps you avoid anachronism in your preaching by enabling you to develop the biblically warranted interconnections including the true understanding of different kinds of typological fulfillment. I mean, there are some people that jump from the OT to Jesus and I am never quite sure how they made the jump. I mean its quite clever and I am glad they got to Jesus but I am not sure how they got there, you know? I'd rather they get to Jesus than that they stop, but on the other hand it would be nice to see that it was clear how they got there, but Biblical theology properly done actually shows you how you legitimately through the text itself must get to Jesus."

Carson then goes on to recommend the following books for good introductions to Biblical Theology:
Related to this quote is the recent panel held at Southern on "Christology in the Old Testament." I found Peter Gentry's discussion of typological warrant and Jim Hamilton's comments particularly helpful but the whole panel was great.

(HT: Andy Naselli & See the points from Carson talk at Dave Schrock's blog)