Church as Career Ladder

I was perusing through the current issue of Christianity Today and came across an advertisement for the Doctor of Ministry program at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Here is part of the ad:

"In his first 16 years of ministry, Bryan Wilkerson took a church of 50 people in a 'run-down little building' on Long Island, New York, and helped it grow to a congregation of more than 500. His preaching and pastoral skills did not go unnoticed, and in 1999 he was offered the pastorate at Grace Chapel in Lexington, Massachusetts, a congregation of 2,000."

What picture of the church does this paint? Seminarians and pastors, please love Christ's church and commit your life to a local congregation. Do not view smaller or less 'noticed' churches as a stepping stone to a church that is bigger, more talked about, or pays more. Of course it is not sin to leave a church, but pastors need to plan on dying where they start. The 50 member church in rural Kentucky that no one knows about is equally as blood-bought as the thriving city church that frequently makes the 'evangelical news.'