Reading the Greek NT

I have greatly benefited from the "UBS Greek New Testament: Reader's Edition." This resource provides English glosses according to context and parsing for words that occur 30 times or less or are obscure, idiomatic phrases, and an appendix with definitions of words occurring 30 times or more. Zondervan has also published "A Reader's Greek New Testament" for almost half the price (be sure and go with the 2nd Edition if you go with Zondervan). I looked into both and decided the UBS text was still a better choice for several reasons, the main one being that the Zondervan text does not parse verbs in the footnotes. Rick Mansfield has provided a helpful comparative review of the two products. He has also posted a first look and review of the Zondervan text. Our own Dr. Schreiner has reviewed the Zondervan text and Dr. Stephen Johnson has reviewed the UBS text here. Lee Irons has posted a helpful reading program and syntax notes for reading the Greek NT.