Ray Van Neste on Pursuing Manhood

Ray Van Neste is Asst. Professor of Christian Studies at Union University, so he is dealing with young men often. The current issue of the Journal for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood has an article by Van Neste on "Pursuing Manhood" available here. Here are a few quotes and one-liners from the article:

"Our culture is infatuated with youth and encourages you not to grow up. After all, it says, the glory is in the youth. If you would be men, you must reject this siren song and swim against the tide. You must diligently seek to throw off immaturity and to grow up. Remember the one boy who never grew up was Peter Pan-and in case you haven't noticed, his role has typically been played by a woman. The chase for perpetual youth is never manly."
"Reject the blame game. When the buck is passed, it is always done with a limp wrist."
"Before you should take a wife you need to know where you're taking her."
"Realize that every decision to do one thing is a decision not to do several others."