Dever Quote

Having grown up in the buckle of the Bible belt and spending a semester of college traveling around the state of Texas sharing the gospel on different college campuses, I have often deplored the current state of cultural Christianity in the south.
Recently, while listening to one of the 9Marks interviews (A Round table Discussion on the Church with Mark Dever, Matt Schmucker, Greg Gilbert, and Paul Alexander), I was struck by something said by Mark Dever. When asked if he is encouraged by the church today, he said the following:

"I think I genuinely see signs of increasing faithfulness in churches. And in a funny way, I think the secularization of our culture that the Christian right so laments, may be in God's strange left hand of providence, a way of driving the church to faithfulness, to greater faithfulness. As the incentives for nominal Christianity wear out, the real thing comes back. And its just a glory to behold, and that's what sinners need."
Well said! The increasingly post-Christian state of America is in some ways a reason for celebration, or at least hope. Unless our culture shifts once again, Christianity will become less and less cultural, and we can rejoice in that as a means of purification for Christ's church.