A Good Word to Seminarians

[The context of this paragraph is discussing the importance of one's devotional life, loving Christ with heart and mind, specifically while in seminary]

"There is always more to do. Quality education exposes you to the vistas, the distance between you and the horizons of knowledge out there. Indeed, as you study more, the horizon will seem farther away! You arrive at seminary secretly thinking there cannot be all that much to Bible study. After all, it is only one book. But the farther you progress, the more you discover the vast fields of learning that open up before the diligent student of Scripture and of cognate disciplines. Part of the purpose of your education is to achieve precisely this--to make you realize a little of what is out there. But these extensive vistas must never be permitted to sidetrack you from what is most important. Precisely because you can never exhaust all there is to know about the Bible and theology, you may just as well get your priorities right and self counscously slow the pace down a little."

--Letters Along the Way, 170.