Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

Tuesday, Southern hosted a pre-screening of the movie "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" starring Ben Stein. It is a documentary on the war between Darwinism and Intelligent Design mainly focusing on the bias of the academy, but also the media, courts, and schools. Several professors have been fired for questioning the dogma of Darwin and Stein and Premise Media are concerned.

A film well done has the potential in our culture to reach many more than a dozen well written books. This film is excellent! It is not only a razor sharp critique, but is also very, very funny. I would encourage everyone I know to plan to go to the opening weekend on April 18th, then buy two DVD's when it releases around Labor Day (one for yourself and one to give away).

Darwinism is the primary opposing worldview to Christianity (or theism in general) in America today. It has provided many with "scientific" reasons for suppressing the truth in unrighteousness. This movie is great in that it shows what is really at stake: not scientific evidence, but complete ideologies. This war is not about who is doing 'true science;' It is a clash of worldviews. One scientist comes to the evidence, presupposing that we came from mud that was struck by lightning, while the other comes at least open to the possibility of an intelligent designer. Stein's concern is that the Darwinists are snuffing out those who would even question their beloved theory. Freedom of inquiry is being lost.

If this movie does well, Premise Media intends on tackling another project on the sanctity of human life. This is much needed, and Christians need to realize that the two are not unrelated. Belief in evolution has necessary implications. If we came from some sort of matter, then there is no room for making distinctions between good and evil, no room for human responsibility, dignity, or freedom. We are inherently equal with ants and plants, just more evolved. So abortion is fine, euthanasia is helpful to society. Hitler thought he was moving the human race forward. This is just being a consistent Darwinist. Go see the movie. It's worth the money.

Here is the trailer, and here is a longer one, and here is an interview with Stein by Sproul.