Adorare Mente

There is a new student journal coming out by some guys at Southern called Adorare Mente. The editorial board includes Matt Crawford, Owen Strachan, Oren Martin, Will Kynes, Greg Van Court, and Adam Winters. All the article will be available from the website. Here is the blurb from the website:

The purpose of Adorare Mente is summed up in the title – “To worship with the mind.” Contrary to the opinion and practice of some, rigorous academic study is not at odds with intense personal piety. In fact, learning to think well is a necessary component of Christian discipleship. Worship is at its peak when mind and heart flow together. Since the purpose of ministerial training is to educate the mind while warming the heart, this journal is designed to encourage students to use all of their mind, to be intellectually ambitious, but not for their own glory. Students should harness and direct those powers for the good of the kingdom. In the past this union of heart and mind was well represented in such pastor-theologians as Augustine, Calvin, Luther, John Owen, and Jonathan Edwards, and in the present-day, examples are found in John Piper and Mark Dever, among others. It is hoped that this journal is but a small step towards recovering the model of the pastor-theologian on a much wider scale today.