Justification in Paul

I have struggled with the so-called "new perspective on Paul" for a little over two years now. One of the paper options for Dr. Schreiner's New Testament theology class is "Justification in Paul." This academic debate has caused me to lose sleep, because it is not like we're debating millennial options here. This gets down to the heart of the gospel. I must remain teachable, and have much more to learn but I no longer stay up late wrestling with Paul. I have come to some conclusions on most of the difficult issues involved. Richard Gaffin and Tom Schreiner have been the most helpful resources for me on this issue.
"Beliefs worth calling beliefs must be purchased by the sweat of the brow. The easy conclusions which are accepted on borrowed grounds in evasion of the labour and responsibility of thought may or may not be coincident with truth; in either case they have little or no share in its power."
--J. A. Hort

Here is the outline:
I. Introduction
II. Current Debate
A. New Perspective on Paul
B. Imputation
III. Justification
A. OT Background
B. Righteousness of God
1. Transformative or Forensic
C. Justification in Paul
D. The Ground of Justification
1. Death and Resurrection of Christ
E. Imputation
1. Union with Christ
2. Justification & Sanctification
F. The Instrument of Justification
1. Faith in Christ
2. Faith and its relation to Obedience
G. Final Judgment
1. Justification According to Works
2. Justification Already but Not Yet (Eschatology)
IV. Conclusion