Friends of God

A couple of nights ago, Alicia and I watched "Friends of God: A Road Trip with Alexandra Pelosi." You can watch the trailer here. This is a one hour documentary, where Pelosi tours the Bible belt observing and interviewing "militant" evangelical Christians. She was curious who this group was, who has become such a cultural and political force. Of course, the groups she chose were not random. She interviews a whole range of evangelicals including Joel Osteen, Ted Haggard, Brad Stine, Jerry Falwell, and many others.

Sadly, but conveniently, no very informed and balanced leaders were observed or interviewed. One wonders how the documentary would have looked if she would have stopped by the churches of John MacArthur, Matt Chandler, John Piper, Tim Keller, or Albert Mohler. Along the way, she is sure to poke fun at the evangelical subculture by taking note of many, many, cliches on billboards, and groups like Car clubs for Christ, biblical putt-putt golf, king of kings skateboarding groups, Christian wrestling foundation, the drive-through church in VA, cowboy churches, patriot pastors, evangelical rappers, the Holy Land experience in Orlando, and of course the evangelical Elvis impersonator. Topics such as homosexuality, abortion, marriage, and evolution are focused on.

Just as with the documentary "Jesus Camp" there is way too much talk by evangelicals of "reclaiming America for Christ," and "bringing America back to one nation under God."
Many of the Christians interviewed sounded more concerned with the U.S.A than with the kingdom of Christ, but the gospel could have been edited out of the film as well. The documentary made me wish that someone would do the same sort of documentary with extreme left-wing secular progressives to see what kind of caricature is produced. It also made me think the Lord could purify his church by ordaining Hillary for president. This would make it clearer than ever, as D Webb sings, that we'll "never have a savior on Capitol Hill."

For a very helpful resource on how Christians are to engage in politics, see the latest Southern Baptist Journal of Theology. So far, I have found the articles by Russell Moore, K.T. Magnuson, and Jim Hamilton particularly helpful. Hamilton writes,

"If we are Christians, we believe that influence in America does not come from gaining the ear of the White House but through the transforming power of the one who swill sit on the White Throne. The legislation of our worldview must not be our ultimate goal. We need a demonstration of the Spirit and power; we need to return to God's wisdom, which is the world's folly, God's power, which the world counts as weakness; and we look for the Lord to grant that the faith of astonishing numbers of people will not rest on the wisdom of men but on the power of God. We need a great awakening. Our field of labor is neither the public policies being debated on the Senate floor nor the legal matters before the Supreme Court. Our field of labor is the place we have been assigned to plough, sow, and reap with a local body of believers with whom we have entered into solemn covenant before the Lord of heaven and earth."