When Sin Becomes Trivial

More and more, our culture views serious sin as trivial. Killing babies is now just getting rid of the "product of conception." Fornication is just "hooking up to see if she will be a good lover." Pornography is fine because "boys will be boys." Drunkenness is a "disease." Homosexuality is "determined by birth, and therefore perfectly natural." Divorce in particular is now "just another aspect of life." This week's Time magazine has an article called, "Bye Bye, Love," where it covers people who are now getting rich off of the divorce culture (though they primarily use the term "break-up," even when referring to marriage break-ups). 40-50% of first marriages will end in divorce. Sadly, the numbers aren't drastically different among Christians (broadly defined). This being the case, that makes up a large marketing audience. Angie Schmidt developed the online business "smashingkatie.com," so divorcees would have an outlet to laugh at themselves and their divorces. She sells all kinds of "break-up" spoofs, ranging from gift cards to voodoo dolls to a knife holder resembling the 'ex.' A woman in New Orleans rents out a Limo for friends to drive around to celebrate over-the-hill birthdays. She has been surprised recently to find that divorcees are now wanting to rent it to ride around with friends celebrating the death of their marriages.

You can also buy a wedding ring coffin, or have a divorce cake made to celebrate the event. The Time article has a picture of a wedding cake where the bride has kicked the groom off of the top. The man is falling down the cake surrounded by cash, golf clubs, television, briefcase, PDA, and sports apparel. This paints a sad, but too often true picture, even within the church. God has ordained men to be the heads of their homes and many men abdicate this responsibility. Many men are idolaters, consumed with their own money, sport, promotion, and hobbies. Men who seek to love their wives like Christ loved the church are few and far between. Ultimately, men are the ones responsible for these broken marriages. The need of the day is serious-minded, selfless, Godly men who will lead, love, provide, and protect their wives.

Even so, divorce is not the solution, and is certainly not something to be laughed about. Schmidt asks, "Why take life so seriously?" The answer is because you will be held accountable and judged for how 'seriously' you take life. Divorce is an offense to God. This is particularly so within Christian marriages. The divorce preaches a false gospel to the surrounding world because marriage was instituted to be a picture of Christ and the church, and divorce preaches to the world that Christ is not faithful and committed to his people. This is a false gospel. Men, lead your homes toward Christ-likeness. Christians, take divorce very, very seriously. It should produce tears, not jokes. Having said that it is also important to keep in mind that divorce is not the unpardonable sin. In Christ we find forgiveness and righteousness. In Christ there is no condemnation.