Schreiner's Biblical Theology of Law

"Central Themes in Biblical Theology' edited by Scott Hafemann and Paul House is must reading for pastors. Our own Tom Schreiner contributed by writing a chapter on the commands of God and it is phenomenal! Here are his concluding points:

1. Sinners are unable to keep God's law, and hence no one can stand in the right before God by means of the law.
2. In the scriptural storyline God did not give the law to establish a relationship with himself.
3. The new covenant is superior to the old, for most members of the Sinai covenant were uncircumcised in heart.
4. True obedience is always the obedience of faith.
5. Those who keep God's law are enabled to do so by the work of the Holy Spirit.
6. The New Testament teaches that the Sinai covenant was a temporary covenant, not intended to be in force for ever.
7. The content of the law for believers is the 'law of Christ,' which centers on Christ himself and his interpretation of the law.