Wilson on Evil

I really enjoy most of the writings of Douglas Wilson. His stuff on marriage and family is excellent for the most part, although I disagree that one needs a beard in order to be a real man but that's another story! He is a great writer, but I definitely have some concerns about his views on justification, the covenants, and the nature of the church (Federal Vision stuff). Having said that though, if I were Presbyterian, I would probably be in his camp. Wilson and the other guys are more consistent than most covenant theologians. Anyway, I say all that to share a quote from his response to Sam Harris' book "Letter to a Christian Citizen." Wilson's book is called "Letter from a Christian Citizen" and concerning the problem of evil, Wilson writes:

Those who are nicknamed Calvinists do not have any unique problems with the "problem of evil." They just get more attention than other Christians on this point because they are willing to speak directly into the microphone. "Yes. God did this thing. And do you think that those on whom the tower fell were greater sinners? Unless you repent you will all likewise perish" (Luke 13:5).