John Owen, the puritan playa

This summer, I read a book by Paul Marshall called, "Heaven is Not My Home." In it, he discusses several issues relating to living in the here and now as Christians as we wait for the new creation. One chapter is on 'Imagination and the Arts.' Part of is celebrating fashion, showing that the desire to dress nice is a reflection of being made in the image of the ultimate designer. He also writes about the stereotype of the puritans as "ascetic, fashion-dead killjoys." This was not the case, and regarding John Owen, one of the more serious of all the puritans, Mike Starkey writes that while Chancellor of Oxford University, Owen wandered around with "hair powdered, cambric band with large, costly hand strings, velvet jacket, breeches set about at the knees with ribbons pointed, and Spanish leather boots with cambric tops." I can't appreciate all this attire, but I speculate it would be about equivalent to R.C. Sproul rockin' a purple suit, alligator boots, with a yellow feather sticking out of his suede fedora hat. Next time you are reading Owen slaughtering arguments against limited atonement, keep in mind that he looked good while writing them.