Jay has already mentioned this, but it was in this week's issue of Time so I thought I'd mention it. Senator Charles Grassley is going after a handful of televangelists, including Creflo Dollar, Benny Hinn, Eddie Long, Joyce Meyer, and Paula White. I'll only mention a couple points of interest: Joyce Meyer sits on a $23,000 john. Yes you heard it right. Her commode cost more than most people's car. Of course this is merely pocket change since she 'earns' $124 million annually. Also, Paula White and her husband, from whom she has recently separated, bought T.D. Jakes a Bentley. In case you don't know, Bentley's are somewhere around 200,000 base price, and I doubt the Bishop drives anything that is simply base. I hate the prosperity gospel, and so does John Piper.

Speaking of being good steward of your cash, Alicia and I got to see the Watoto children's choir this week. It is a ministry to children in Uganda founded by Christian missionaries. Uganda is a horrible place to be due mostly to civil war and AIDS. We take so much for granted. The need is great and Watoto is doing their small part to fight. It is similar to Compassion International, in that you can sponsor a child for $35 a month. I am a strong believer in Compassion Ministries, and this one would be worth your investment as well. Let's be honest, most of us spend $35 a month on fast food or coffee. We can afford it.