Good Lookin' Out: Keller Book

I thought it might be useful to post about forthcoming books every month or so. The first is due out on Valentine's Day 08'. It is by Tim Keller and its called 'The Reason for God: Belief in the Age of Skepticism.' I cannot speak highly enough of Tim Keller. He is a very able and insightful preacher to postmodern people. I providentially visited his church while in NYC a couple of years ago. Up to that point, I had never heard of him. He is partly why we are now at the church we are at. Our elders have learned much from the elders at Redeemer. Anyway, I am sure the book will be excellent, and may be the 'Mere Christianity' of our time. Here is the table of contents:

Introduction – All doubts are leaps of faith
PART 1 - The Leap of Doubt
1. There can’t be just one true religion.
2. A good God could not allow suffering.
3. Christianity is a straitjacket.
4. The church is responsible for so much injustice.
5. A loving God would not send people to hell.
6. Science has disproved Christianity.
7. You can’t take the Bible literally.
PART 2 - The Grounds for Faith
8. The clues of God
9. The knowledge of God
10. The problem of sin
11. Religion and the gospel
12. The (true) story of the cross
13. The reality of the resurrection
14. The Dance of God
Epilogue – Where do we go from here?

Read his own thoughts concerning the book here.