Emergent Arrogance

I am all for seeing the kingdom expanded, and for a missional ecclesiology, but I am not for the emergent church. Many times they claim to be more humble than traditional Christianity, but when you are unclear about the things that God has made clear, you have become the epitome of arrogance in the guise of false humility. Doug Pagitt is a key leader in the emergent movement, right beside McLaren. I am not a huge fan of Way of the Master, or this interviewer in particular, but this interview shows Pagitt's ambiguity. Or listen to the main clip here. The scariest part is when Pagitt says that God will interact in judgment with all people in the same way. The context was concerning a Muslim. Granted, the interviewer did a poor job understanding him, but to make that kind of statement is dangerous. Christ has already brought those who have trusted through the judgment. Judgment for followers in Jesus Christ will be completely different than judgment for those who disobey the gospel.

(HT: Reformissionary)