An Apology for Apologetics

I am fairly new to the study of apologetics. I read my first book in May of this year, and fell in love. As an appendix to the series of posts on apologetics, I wanted to commend the study of apologetics by showing the many disciplines that are involved in apologetics.

Virtually all fields of study are informed by exegesis. If you are not interpreting the Bible rightly, all else will go sour from that point. The same goes with apologetics. Scripture must inform the imperative and methodology for apologetics. Systematic Theology is also a necessity for apologetics. We must put together the data we gain from doing exegesis to answer vital questions like: What is God like? What is humanity like? How has sin affected humanity? Do all need to hear about Jesus? Who was Jesus? What did he do? and so on. Biblical Theology is also required for apologetics. Our metanarrative must be informed by Scripture's metanarrative. We must gain our worldview from the Bible's worldview. We approach the Word as it is presented to us. We mustn't impose foreign worldviews upon the text of Scripture. We also find a philosophy of history by studying Biblical Theology. Obviously, Worldview Studies is essential for apologetics since so much of apologetics is a clashing of worldviews. Cultural Engagement is a necessity for apologetics as well. Apologetics is at the heart of Missions and Evangelism since in today's cultural climate, you will not have a conversation about Jesus without questions and objections coming. Apologetics is clearly informed by Philosophy, and History since so much of philosophy is studying the history of ideas and great thinkers throughout history and the consequences of the ideas on the culture at large. Apologetics is also necessary for Practical Theology, because Christians gain assurance when convinced of the truthfulness and relevance of the Christian faith. It is also practical in the sense that you are out in the midst of a crooked generation sharing the gospel and defending and commending its veracity. These are just some of the disciplines that come to mind when studying apologetics. In my mind, it is a worthwhile endeavor.