Apologetics 5

For this last post, I wanted to recommend a few books for the study of presuppositional apologetics. Many go by the label presuppositionalist (Henry, Schaeffer, Nash, Clark), but I have been advocating the Van Tilian type, which is different is significant ways. Here are some resources:

--The Great Debate: Bahnsen v.s. Stein: Must-listening! You can buy it here or get it free here. Greg Bahnsen was taught by Van Til. Bahnsen shows Stein the bankruptcy of unbelief using the transcendental argument, focusing on the laws of logic.

--Always Ready by Greg Bahnsen: This is a great book to start with. Bahnsen is crystal clear.

--Apologetics to the Glory of God: Frame is good, and this is an introductory text. Frame is critical of Van Til is some places, but still helpful.

--Van Til's Apologetic by Greg Bahnsen: This is the best resource available. 800 pages of readings from Van Til with analysis from Bahnsen. This book is simply phenomenal! Also, you get lots of Van Til's work without having to buy each separate book.

--The Battle Belongs to the Lord by K. Scott Oliphint: Oliphint teaches apologetics at Westminster, where Van Til used to teach. This book is mostly an exposition of texts relevant to the apologetic task. Pretty easy reading.

--Every Thought Captive by Richard Pratt: This book was written for high school and college students.

--Revelation and Reason by Oliphint and Tipton: After coming to grips with the method, this book is great. It is a collection of essays under girding Van Til's work with exegetical, theological, and historical weight.

--Reasons (for Faith) by K. Scott Oliphint: This is weighty reading for those with philosophical background, but worth the effort. It is an offensive apologetic.

--Christian Apologetics by Van Til: Similar to The Defense of the Faith but shorter.

--The Defense of the Faith by Van Til: Essential.

--Persuasions by Douglas Wilson: This is a fantastic and short fictional read between Evangelist and several objectors to Biblical Christianity. All praxis with no theory.

--Pushing the Antithesis by Greg Bahnsen: Haven't been able to read this one yet, but I am sure it will be great.

You can buy all these books and more here.