Apologetics 2

Following up, how do we go about doing apologetics? Many assume that we can use any means that works, however, the content of our apologetic is as important as our content in preaching or sharing the gospel. As Christians, we must always be people of the book (Sola Scriptura). There are various methods of doing apologetics available to the Christian, but I will be following Cornelius Van Til and the presuppositional method of apologetics, or better 'Covenantal Apologetics.' Our theology informs our methodology. As believers, having set apart Christ as Lord of our lives (including the realm of knowledge), we are to always presuppose the self-attesting Christ of Scripture. We take God at his Word. This means we are never to be 'neutral' in our communication. To do so is both impossible and immoral. We never lay aside our Christian worldview in order to look at the brute facts and use unaided reason to arrive at truth. Christians cannot and must not be neutral in their thinking. As Calvin said, we must never remove the 'spectacles of Scripture.'

Non-Christians cannot be neutral either. They have an axe to grind, with all their vision tainted yellow due to their yellow-colored glasses that are cemented to their noses. This is due to the fall, and what theologians call 'the noetic effects of the fall' (the pollution of the mind due to sin). Unbelievers have a 'falsely called knowledge' (1 Tim 6.20), they hate knowledge (Prov 1.29), are foolish for denying God (Ps 14.1), are darkened in their understanding, alienated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them, due to their hardness of heart (Eph 4.18), and have become futile in their thinking, claiming to be wise they became fools (Rom 1.22-23).

The apologist must always have the Bible as their starting point and must always keep in mind the far-reaching effects of the fall. In Christ, all the treasures of wisdom are found (Col2.3), the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge (Prov 1.7), in his light, we see light (Ps 36.9). The apologist must also remain gentle and humble at all times, knowing that he has been saved from moral and intellectual disaster by grace alone, through faith alone, and has absolutely no room for arrogance.