Last night, Alicia and I were reading Piper's 'What Jesus Demands From the World' and he was covering Jesus demand to not be angry (Matt 5.21-22). In a section of the chapter, he mentions that sometimes we get angry at objects, that lack any kind of willful action and do not do things on purpose. He gives the example of a person tripping over a root and turning around and kicking the root in anger. This reaction is simply foolish, but I do the same kind of thing all the time. Particularly, I get frustrated (a nice, acceptable substitute for the word angry) with my CD player that skips even when the CD is brand new. I also get angry at the computer when it will not submit to my demand (although I have never acted on my anger like the man in the video above). This is foolish. God ordains traffic, and slow computers, and dysfunctional CD players, and every other detail in the universe. When our reaction is anger, it shows the sad state of our rebellious heart, which should not complain but relish in the sweet providence of a good and gracious God, apart from whom, not even a sparrow falls to the ground.