Summer Reading

Friday, I finished my Intro to Missiology J-term so now I get to move on to some reading of my own. I am pretty stoked. My list is pretty ambitious but I am off to a good start and if I don't make it, oh well. Here's the plan:
[Finish] Always Ready by Greg Bahnsen
[Finish] The Gospel of the Kingdom by G.E. Ladd
The Doctrine of the Knowledge of God by John Frame
When the Kings Come Marching In by Richard Mouw
The Servant King by T.D. Alexander
Van Til's Apologetic by Greg Bahnsen
The Mission of God by Christopher Wright
Creation Regained by Al Wolters
If the Lord wills:
What Saint Paul Really Said by N.T. Wright
Looking at Philosophy by Donald Palmer
The Challenge of Jesus by N.T. Wright
[Not Shown] God's Saving Righteousness by Michael F. Bird
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