King Jesus

T.D. Alexander has written a very helpful little book (168 pp) called 'The Servant King' which traces the development of the portrait of the Messiah through the Old and New Testaments. He begins in Genesis 3 where God promises that he will bruise the serpent's head through the woman's seed. He traces the seed (family line) through Genesis. Adam starts as God's image (representative who is to have dominion) tracing through to Seth, to Noah (a new Adam) to Abraham to Judah to Perez. The book of Genesis anticipates a future king from the line of Judah, establishing a monarchy through whom the nations will be blessed. God is faithful to preserve this seed, the royal dynasty which come to fulfillment partially in David, the son of Jesse. The promise of a Davidic dynasty runs through the rest of the Old Testament. There is much anticipation, as Israel awaits the righteous king through whom God will bless the nations. It is incredibly significant that the book of Matthew begins with "The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham." Genealogies are incredibly significant. Matthew seeks to show that this Christ (not Jesus' last name, but 'Anointed One') is the king that Israel has been waiting for, the last Adam and true seed of Abraham and David's greater Son. The kingdom of God has arrived in the person of Jesus! All authority has been given to him, and we owe him our allegiance. What a beautiful picture. Alexander's book is simple, but filled with biblical insight.

For additional studies in Biblical Theology, see Goldsworthy's 'Gospel and Kingdom', Roberts' 'God's Big Picture', Goheen's 'The Drama of Scripture', and Dempster's 'Dominion and Dynasty. or this list of helpful books.'