Art & Animals in the Ville

Today, I took Alicia to Glassworks, the 21C Museum, and the zoo. All three are worth checking out if you are in the area. You can take a Glassworks tour for $4 (I think) where they do some crazy stuff with glass. We are not much into art, but still enjoy museums occasionally. We mostly mock what passes for art in postmodernity. Its no longer who has the most talent, but who can be the most clever, or just plain sick. The zoo has lots of babies this year, and the gorillas seemed to be overly aggressive. We just happened to show up during the feeding of the green mamba (pics here). The photos below are at the 21C of Alicia and text rain and me with a shy rabbit. I think he had a previous encounter with Plevan (only those who have lived with Plev will appreciate that).