What's on your mind?

This morning, Pastor Daniel mentioned the importance of meditating on the objective work of Christ, rather than introspection. This aspect of the Christian life is so important. We live in such an individualistic and thereapeutic culture that promotes self-centeredness to an unhealthy level. For the believer, one must no doubt examine oneself often (1 Cor 13:5, 1 Cor 11), but it can easily become unhealthy introspection. The believer must examine their heart, and look for wrong motives, but after a brief check, we must look to Christ, crucified and risen, and repent. You cannot experience the joy and freedom of the gospel, if you do not make it a priority to preach the gospel to yourself, daily. Begin the day by focusing on what Christ has accomplished. Look outside of yourself, and think about God's work in Christ. There are two gospel errors to aviod. Focusing on yourself will either lead to despair (because you never have it all together), or arrogance (because you think you have it together when you really don't). Focusing on the gospel leads to joy in Christ (you will never have it all together but Christ does, and he is yours by faith, so rest in him).