It's Friday

Happy Good Friday. I wonder if unbelievers consider us strange for calling it good. Really, what could be good about a Jewish carpenter being executed in the cruelest means possible? Hanging naked on a tree, beaten and bloody, suffocating in his own blood. Good? Sadly though, all too many only associate this weekend with bunnies, and eggs, rather than the cross of Christ.
Oh but it is good. Almost too good to be true, but it is true. The God-man was crucified, and risen, in space and time history. We sinned, and offended God, but he became a curse for us. He bore the weight of God's wrath so we wouldn't have too. The suffering servant (Is 53) fulfilled his task on earth. The true Israel overcame his temptation (Matt 4). The last Adam won back what was lost in the garden (Gen 1-2), and ushered in the new creation. God's plan has come to fulfillment in the person and work of his Son, and we await its fulfillment. It is good.
But it wouldn't be good without Sunday. I recently had a conversation with a college student, who took the label of Christian. But for him, it would be okay if someone did find the bones of Jesus. He said his spirituality is not physical. This notion of spirituality is foreign to the New Testament writers. Without Sunday, we would still be in our sins (1 Cor 15). Without Sunday, we would not be raised from spiritual death now (Eph 2:1-10), and would await not future bodily resurrection. Without Sunday, God would not be vindicated. God, grant us the mercy to appreciate the person and work of your Son, on our behalf. It's Friday, but Sunday's comin.