God is the Gospel

Piper's messages this week in chapel were classic Piper. You can download or listen to them here. Tuesday he preached on 2 Cor. 1.24-2.4, and Thursday's text was 2 Cor. 3.18-4.7. The latter was very similar to his book 'God is the Gospel', which is a must-read. You know its good with a subtitle like "Meditations on God's love as the gift of Himself." Here, Piper shows that all the glorious truths we associate with the gospel (e.g. forgiveness of sins, justification by faith, reconciliation, propitiation, being counted righteous, having eternal life, etc) are but means to an end. That end is the good news: fellowship with the all-satisfying God through Christ.

Also this week, Southern Seminary received a visit from Soulforce. A group of people came on Monday morning to protest. They were seeking personal and public apologies from Dr. Mohler concerning his recent comments about homosexuality. Watch it here.