Stinson on Gender-Neutral Homes

A couple of weeks ago, Alicia and I went to a lecture by Randy Stinson, the executive director of The Council of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, on practicing what we preach as complementarians (i.e. those who belive that men and women are created equal, but men are called to lovingly lead in the home and church). He gave 9 areas where men should initiate in the home:
1. Vision in the Home
2. Direction of the Home
3. Instruction
4. Imitation (example for others to follow)
5. Inspiration (encouragement)
6. Affirmation
7. Evaluation
8. Correction
9. Protection/Provision
It was a great talk. I was waiting on Southern to post the audio, but I guess they aren't going to do it. Be sure and check out the CBMW website for all kinds of resources.