Last week I received a letter from Grace to You, the ministry of John MacArthur. The front of the envelope read: Step Inside the Emerging Church: The New Movement Creating Chaos in a Congregation Near You. The newsletter warns that though we may not have heard of this movement we soon will and 'the danger is real.' Johnny-Mac writes 'The Emerging Church's frontal assault on the clarity of Scripture makes it the most dangerous attack I've seen." You can't be serious. I think Dr. MacArthur needs to do a little more looking around. There is much more in the world that believers need to be concerned with besides other believers with differing convictions and doctrinal conclusions. I understand that as a leader, he feels like he needs to have an opinion on everything, but too many evangelicals make uninformed criticisms. I have read quite a bit from and about the emerging church and have yet to come across these types of caricatures. If GTY means emergent, referring to McLaren etc, that is one thing, but the 'emerging church movement' is much too diverse for these kinds of comments. One thinks of Driscoll, or Keller. Are these guys dangerous? I love MacArthur and have benefited greatly from his ministry in many ways, but these kind of comments are unhelpful and lack humility. His next book is called 'The Truth War', due out this spring. Phil Johnson says the book will be powerful and very controversial. I bet it will be a great book. I just hope he has done his homework because the newsletter seemed that he hasn't so far.