Now that I have had some free time, I thought I'd post about some books I recently read. The first is Riddlebarger's 'A Case for Amillennialism.' This was a delightful read. Riddlebarger follows the likes of redemptive-historical thinkers like Vos, Ridderbos, and Hoekema. It is a very good treatment of the end times. He works off of Hoekema's 'The Bible and the Future.' Riddlebarger spends a lot of time going after dispensationalism, which I guess is important with the unfortunate popularity of TBN and 'The Left Behind Series.' Most of the middle of the books is his exegesis of the critical passages in Daniel 9, Matt. 24, and Romans 11, and Rev. 20. This is a must read for those wanting to understand the end times (Chance, you were right).
Next was Randy Newman's 'Questioning Evangelism." This was a great read! It was very insightful and practical ways to rethink our methods of evangelism in today's culture without compromising biblical truth. Newman is very well-rounded. He even emphasizes the importance of biblical theology! I just finished Downing's 'How Postmodernism Serves (my) Faith.' This is a good primer on postmodern thought and its implications for the Christian faith. Downing is rightly glad to see modernism go. This has indeed served the faith. Downing though, like most evangelicals who are sympathetic to postmodern thought, goes too far. Christians must build their worldview from Scripture, as unpopluar as this may be. I wish she would have spent more time developing a theology of language, rather than a more naturalistic view of language. It is a good reminder of our situatedness, and should cultivate humility for all believers.