Confessions of a Non-Missional Seminarian

Well, the semester is over. I took my last final today. It has been very good. All of the assigned reading was money. My only complaint would be that there was so much that it fosters superficial reading which results in lack of retention. Nevertheless, I had the gospels opened up to me by Dr. Schreiner in his Intro to NT class. Hermeneutics and Postmodernism were excellent classes with Dr. Wellum, especially his emphasis on biblical theology. I also had a lot of fun doing my paper for his class on a missional ecclesiology. I put together lists for books on biblical and missional theology for those interested. The only problem is being stuck in the bubble of seminary life. I was unfaithful this semester in my calling to be a missionary to Louisville. I just didn't make the time. I could come up with a hundred excuses, but they would all be lame. I am first a follower of Christ, second Alicia's husband, third an ambassador of Christ, and fourth a seminary student. I got these priorities out of whack this semester. Next semester, I plan on putting aside specified time to be meeting/interacting/witnessing to people in town. If I don't make time, it won't happen.