back to work

The trip to Chicago was a lot of fun! The ACT3 conference was excellent. You can get the audio here. The main sessions from John Franke and John Armstrong were great. We were very encouraged and refreshed by all the speakers. We were particularly encouraged by talking with John Armstrong, who showed a passion for Christ, love for the church, and Christian humility. After the conference we hung out in Chicago, which was great, but my sinus infection turned into bronchitis. We couldn't leave without seeing the MJ statue and eating some deep dish at Gino's East. On Sunday we visited First Reformed Christian Church of South Holland. I wanted to share the prayer of confession we prayed with the church (whose avg. age was probably around 50 or so):

O God, You have called us to be a Missional Church. We have been content to send money and let others do the mission. Forgive us, O Lord. Help us to realize the mission field is next door. Give us the courage to let Your light shine before those within our community. Lord help us to share Your goodness and love.