Spurgeon Suite

Yesterday, Alicia and I took a trip to Southern Indiana. It was a lot of fun. We planned on going the the 'Falls of the Ohio State Park' and did, but ended up at the Harvest Homecoming in New Albany, Indiana. It was fun. We remembered that New Albany is the home of the Charles Spurgeon Suite at the Honeymoon Mansion. We weren't able to find it, but being that it is only about 10 minutes from home, I bet we have a second honeymoon eventually. The suite has stained glass, a laced canopy, marble columns, a 27" flat screen, and last but not least, there is a photograph of Spurgeon himself overlooking the bed. Other than the picture, I am not sure why it is called the Spurgeon Suite, but hey that is enough for me. Also, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary recently purchased Spurgeon's library. Midwestern isn't too far from Louisville either so that may be another road trip to make. The library contains 6,750 volumes (mostly Puritan) and was sold for $400,000.