There is a new '4 views' book out on the nature of the atonement. Tom Schreiner argues for penal substitution as the heart of the atonement. He presented this chapter in his faculty address last year at Southern. He is a stud. This is a very important issue today. Many are wanting to throw penal substitution out the window. It is not popular today, and I can see why. Most people do not like to hear that there is a God in heaven whose primary attribute is holiness, who is furious at sin and will punish every sin ever committed and only by slaughtering his own Son to satisfy his wrath, in the place of sinners who trust Christ, can we be made acceptable in his sight. That is hard stuff, but it is biblical, and gloriously good news for the broken and contrite who know what they deserve.
I keep hearing of another multiple views book about the nature of the atonement coming out by Zondervan from several emerging leaders, including Mark Driscoll. This book will probably be similar to the former book, but less academic. I am sure Driscoll and Schreiner will be in complete agreement.
Speaking of books, Al Mohler recently posted about people and their libraries. The title was 'By Their Books We Shall Know Them.' Here is a quote:

"To a great extent, our personal libraries betray our true identities and interests. A minister's library, taken as a whole, will likely reveal a portrait of theological conviction and vision."