My wife and I just got back from Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. It was a refreshing and disturbing visit. I needed a couple of Newbigin books that Southern didn't have. So we headed over there. The campus is gorgeous. The theology is whack. We noticed a flyer for a professor there signing her book that demonstrates her commitment to reformed theology and feminism. I am not sure how that one works out. The young lady who checked out my books was reading a book on invitational preaching. That's a bad combo. Some of you may know of the PCUSA proposal to reformulate the way we articulate the Trinity due to its masculine terminology (Father, Son, Spirit. Some proposals include: "Rock, Redeemer, Friend;" "Lover, Beloved, Love;" "Creator, Savior, Sanctifier;" and "King of Glory, Prince of Peace, Spirit of Love; and last but not least, "Mother, Child, Womb." Are you kidding me? My prediction is that the PCUSA will continue to die out. Maybe Southern will buy out their campus. That'd be great. Anyway, read Mohler's take, and Driscoll's take here and here.