The Shaping of the Things to Come

'Any church that cannot get by without buildings, finances, and paid experts is not fully being a church.' (69)

Quoting Mark Driscoll: 'We need to recover beauty as an attribute of God. Dance, video and music all need to be redeemed. At Mars Hill, we take that redemption seriously. That's why we have candles everywhere. It's why we feature paintings by professional artists in our community. It's why we burn incense, hitting all the senses for a full experience. Everything in the service needs to preach: architecture, lighting, songs, prayers, fellowship, the smell, it all preaches. Being creative is tough work, but we believe art is that region between heaven and earth that connects the two. To experience God is often the highest form of knowing and the entire worship experience must be more than a presentation about God.' (103)

'We need to beware of the anaesthetizing and stultifying effects that Christendom, the tame, nonmissional church, and our safe middle classness have had on us.' (223)