R. Kent Hughes

This semester I have been meeting up with a group of men to go through Kent Hughes' book 'Disciplines of a Godly Man.' We finished this week. It was pretty good. He has a very high view of Scripture. The chapters were the disciplines of Godliness, purity, marriage, fatherhood, friendship, mind, devotion, prayer, worship, integrity, tongue, work, perseverance, church, leadership, giving, witness, ministry, and the grace of discipline. Hughes is well-read so it had tons of good quotes and stories. Here is a quote he used by Dennis Prager, a Jewish radio talk show host:
'One thing I noticed about Evangelicals is that they do not read. They do not read the Bible, they do not read the great Christian thinkers, they have never heard of Aquinas. It they're Presbyterian, they've never read the founders of Presbyterianism. I do not understand that. As a Jew, that's confusing to me. The commandment of study is so deep in Judaism that we immerse ourselves in study. God gave us a brain, aren't we to use it in His service? When I walk into an Evangelical Christian's home and see a total of 30 books, most of them best-sellers, I do not understand. I have bookcases of Christian books, and I am a Jew. Why do I have more Christian books that 98 percent of the Christians in America? That is so bizarre to me.' (78)