The Gospel for Real Life

This week-end I finished 'The Gospel for Real Life' by Jerry Bridges. It was excellent. Definitely one of my top five for the year. It is basically the gospel. He does an excellent job of making a lot of soteriology very accessible, with many illustrations, and applications. I highly recommend it, and recommend giving it away. It would be a great gift book for anyone. It would encourage and refresh an aged believer, or really clarify the gospel for someone with a shallow understanding of what Jesus has done for us. His chapters pretty much cover (in different words) the following: sin, imputation, justice, wrath, propitiation, expiation, ransom, reconciliation, justification, faith, adoption, assurance, sanctification, and mission.

'The reality of present-day Christendom is that most professing Christians actually know very little of the gospel, let alone understand its implications for their day-to-day lives. My perception is that most of them know just enough gospel to get inside the kingdom. They know nothing of the unsearchable riches of Christ.' (17)

'Do you want to grow in your own worship of God? That growth will be directly related to your understanding of the gospel in all its fullness..' (124)