Yesterday was a good day. In the morning we went to Clifton Baptist. Tom Schreiner is the teaching elder. Bruce Ware is an elder and was finishing up a series called 'Truth Under Fire.' It was real good. He summarized the class by touching on the authority of Scripture, the new perspective on Paul, open theism and divine providence, egalitarianism, substitutionary atonement, and the nature of the church. Dr. Ware really believes what he teaches. It was refreshing. Schreiner preached a good exposition of Acts 4:23-31. We had some time to kill so we went to the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary to check out their labyrinth. It was my first one. We were bored. Then we went to Sojourn. It is an Acts 29 church plant pastored by Daniel Montgomery. The atmospheres of the two churches were very different. Clifton is a typical SBC church with mostly seminarians and older folks. Sojourn was very young and artsy. There were lots of bald heads, tattoos, low-gauge ear rings, and thick black frames. I really enjoyed it. You can really tell that Montgomery has been influenced by Tim Keller, which is always a good thing. Today we got some rest and spent a lot of time reading at Heine Brothers Coffee shop. The conference starts on Wednesday!!