Well, I am finally back in Abilene, after about 20 hours of driving. It was well worth it. The conference finished up with Mahaney and MacArthur. Mahaney preached from 1 Timothy 4:16 and exhorted us to watch our life and doctrine. MacArthur didn't preach, and I was glad. I hear him preach all the time. I wanted him to give some encouragement, exhortation, and advice to pastors and that is what he did. As expected, he talked a lot about expository preaching. It was a real good talk. He was pretty open and just shared his heart. He is a very insightful preacher. I really enjoyed the format of this conference. After the sermon, rather than having Q & A from the audience, the four guys (Mohler, Mahaney, Dever, & Mohler) would sit and talk with the speaker and with one another. It was good to see their personalities. They were very pretty funny. I hope they will include this part in the audio they sell. It was my favorite part. Lots of sarcasm and laughing, except when Piper was up there of course. Be sure and check out some pics from Timmy Brister (esp. the one of Lig Duncan rapping), the overview of Challies nicely linked here by Justin Taylor, and you can order the conference audio here. I highly recommend it. It will be back in 2008. Start saving now.