This morning was excellent. We were dragging a little from lack of sleep so we thought we'd hit up Starbucks. We walked in and C.J. Mahaney was sitting there enjoying some coffee, hence the picture on the right. The conference started off with J. Ligon Duncan on preaching from the Old Testament. This was a very helpful message on a difficult task. Right after him was Mohler on preaching with the culture in view. Mohler's message was followed by a panel discussion. They hooked us up with Sproul's 'Getting the Gospel Right', 'Women's Ministry in the Local Church' by Duncan and Susan Hunt, and 'Give Praise to God' which was a book celebrating the legacy of Jim Boice. The next session was R.C. Sproul on Justification by faith alone. It was classic Papa Sproul. I don't think there is anyone better to talk about 'Sola Fide'. And of course there was lots of Luther, and lots of Latin. The panel discussion after that one was hilarious. They have all been pretty funny, but this one started off with Ligon Duncan and his brother rapping, and then C.J. and R.C. talking about the NFL. Tonight will be a little heavier because Piper is bringin' it. I think Piper may have almost cracked a smile once while the rest of us have been rolling. That man means business. We ran into Matt Chandler, the pastor of 'The Village' and he told us to go put on an extra pair of pants because Piper is going to be giving us all a spankin'. I am sure he will. I'll let you know. Challies is live-blogging the conference in detail if you want to check him out.