The Southern Seminary preview conference is now over. It was real good. Chance and I had very stimulating and refreshing conversations with Dr. Tom Nettles, Dr. Bruce Ware, and Dr. Al Mohler. We also heard some preaching from Russ Moore that was very good. Friday night, we got to go to the Mohler's house for desert. Of course, Chance and I headed straight for the library. It is in his basement. The photo to the left is his personal desk. His personal library consists of around 55,000 books. I asked him about how many he has read. He replied with, "If it is on the shelf, it has pretty much been read." We were told there were 55,000 books on the shelf. Of course many of them are reference sets that you wouldn't read from front to back. He alots himself 5 hours a day for study. He tries to sleep five hours a night. He loves his wife and family dearly. The man is a machine! I had the opportunity to talk with him about the emerging church. Driscoll's 'Radical Reformission' was in a stack by his desk so I asked him about it. He was going to read that one and his new one together soon. I didn't think I could have more respect for him than I had before, but I do. He is a genuinely humble, Godly, and brilliant theologian. I am very thankful for the opportunity to attend Southern Seminary in the fall.

Tonight was the infamous 'Thunder over Louisville.' It is the largest fireworks show in North America. It was bad. There were a record-breaking 800,000 people in attendance along the Ohio River. It is the celebration of the upcoming Kentucky Derby. The pic on the right is from tonight.