I cannot wait to start seminary. Today we went to chapel. It was awards day and the student who got the preaching award preached the message. It was an excellent exposition of Psalm 73. It was really a great sermon! Then we went to Dr. Schreiner's New Testament Theology class. He was dealing with law and gospel and going through the antithises of Matthew 5:21-48. He takes the interp. that Jesus is showing the true interpretation of the law. I think Jesus does a little more than that, but who am I? He is a brilliant scholar so I will just shut up now. Then we went to Dr. Don Whitney's class on Spiritual Disciplines. If you don't know of him, he is the authority on the disciplines. I really enjoyed his class. He expounded on 1 Timothy 4:16 with an emphasis on the first half: 'Keep a close on yourself and on the teaching.' He talked about the difficulties of the pastorate and the importance of watching yourself. He used Baxter's 8 reasons for pastors to pay close attention to yourself: 1. You have heaven to win or lose just like others 2. You have a depraved nature and sinful inclinations as well as others 3. You are exposed to greater temptations than others 4. For you have many eyes upon you and there will be many to observe your falls 5. Your sin has more heinous aggravations than other men (more serious because you have more light, hypocrisy, etc.) 6. For such great works of yours require greater grace than other men. 7. For the honor of Christ lies more upon you than it does on other people 8. For the success of your labors depends on it.
It was a really refreshing and challenging class. Tomorrow Sproul is preaching in chapel, then the band of bloggers panel, then the conference!