trip rundown

Wow. Our trip to the Evangelical Theological Society meeting was good! Most of the lectures (we listened to 13 total) were over our head, but good. It was a very scholarly event. The theme of the whole thing was the sufficiency of Scripture. To summarize all of it: Believe the Bible. It is sufficient for all faith and practice. We started the trip with Mohler bringing it from Luke 16. Very good. We got to meet him afterwards. Then we sat in Dr. Jason Lee's class on the theology of Luther. It just so happened that Thursday they were covering is work 'The Bondage of the Will.' It was an excellent class. Then we went to a seminar by Justin Peters. It was called 'A Call for Discernment.' He has Cerebral Palsy. This seminar was to expose the false teaching and ungodly methodology of faith-healers such as Benny Hinn, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Joyce Meyer, and others. He showed video clips that made me furious. He told us that Hinn lives in a 10 million dollar parsonage off of the Pacific Ocean, among other things that will make you want to kick Benny Hinn in the throat. His seminar was excellent! After the seminar, we went to the book store 'Theological Pursuits.' That was fun, but we didn't get anything. Thursday night we ended up crashing on Jacob Pittman's floor. Jacob was the definition of hospitable. He must be the nicest guy I have ever met. Friday morning, Chance and I went to a coffee shop to read. Our minds needed a break, so he read Don Miller, and I read Dan Kimball. The next day, we started the day off with Grudem addressing the sufficiency of Scripture and Evangelical Feminism. That man is brilliant! We ended up staying at the conference hotel on Friday night. As we were checking in, I jokingly asked the clerk to put us next to Grudem. She didn't know who he was. As Chance began to explain, I turned around and Dr. Grudem was standing right behind me. We got to visit with him for a minute. We ended up getting the room right beside him, and directly below Mohler. Later, Grudem came out and hollered at us because he didn't catch our names. We were both very impressed with his humility and friendliness. As Chance said, "Turns out these Godly men, live it." Later we heard lectures on the name and nature of Paul's apostolic authority by Dr. E. Earl Ellis, the authorial intent in Romans 4 and Galatians 3 by Aaron Morris, the sufficiency of Scripture and counseling by Dr. Mike McGuire, Mohler on sufficiency and Postmodernity. Then everyone was invited to Dr. Paige Patterson's house for refreshments. His library has 22,ooo books. Yes, that's 3 zeros. It felt weird to be in a 5 foot radius of Mohler and Grudem talking to each other, and Patterson with his wife. We just kind of stood around eavesdropping. Today we heard lectures on the sufficiency of the Mosaic Law by Dr. Jeff Griffin, baptists and sacramentalism by Dr. Lloyd Harsch, Mohler on sufficiency and sexuality (man, he is smart), Dr. Malcolm Yarnell on the sufficiency of Scripture for the doctrine of the sufficiency of Scripture. We finished with Denny Burk on Inerrancy. We came away knowing that Sola Scriptura should still be in place, and that we have a lot of reading and learning to do.