I recently posted about my desire to learn more about the Hebraic mindset of 1st century Jews. I recently finished 'Behold the Man! Discovering our Hebrew Lord, the Historical Jesus of Nazareth' by Dwight A. Pryor. It was okay. There some insights, but nothing profound. I actually read the workbook that goes with a DVD series that I don't have enough bread for. Here is a quote:
"We all wear culturally conditioned spectacles when we look at the life of Christ. Maybe they are 21st-century American White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) spectacles, or Irish Catholic, or Greek or Russian Orthodox spectacles. All these perspectives have value and contain elements of truth. But so much has been lost over the centuries-imortant Hebraic truths not seen or understood clearly-that the Lord is restoring in our day." (77)