I finished Douglas Wilson's book 'Fidelity.' A friend of mine called me a heretic for reading Wilson. Wilson may be messed up on some important issues, but I have greatly benefited from his work on Marriage. This book is about what it means to be a one-woman man.

"We see that the key to keeping the marriage bed undefiled is contentment. Because God will judge, a man is commanded to be content with what he has. His wife's breasts are not like those of Miss February. So? God will judge. She can't make his orgasms last forever like those hot little numbers in the videos do. So? God will judge" (29)

"A man who does not have the gift of celibacy, and who is struggling to maintain his purity should get married at the first opportunity." (36)

"A flirtacious woman, a low-cut blouse, tight jeans, and a come-on look are all invitations to show contempt for God." (48)

"A wise man who loves the peaches at home does not want to shake any other trees." (53)