Today at work, I had plenty of time to do some reading. I reread several articles by Don Carson, Al Mohler, John Hammett, David Mills, and N.T. Wright. It reminded me of a video interview that I had watched a while back. It is about ten minutes of interview between Brian McLaren, Scot McKnight, and Don Carson. I recently finished McLaren's 'A New Kind of Christian.' I bought this book because it was real cheap at Half Price Books, and my brother told me that I needed to read it if I was going to be discussing the emergent movement, which is true. McLaren is way off on several things, but I think we can learn some things from him. When I say 'we' I am mainly thinking of current or potential pastors and theologians who are founded in the Scriptures with a solid foundation of sound doctrine. McLaren is a good writer, and as my pastor recently said, 'When our emotions are engaged, our minds are less critical than when they are not.' As I watched the interview, I tried to place myself in the shoes of an American non-believer doused in postmodernity. I can't help but think that I would come away saying, "I like the way McLaren is thinking. That is Christianity." Of course a non-believer does not want to hear about the exclusivity of Jesus, or eternal torment ( and without these, the gospel is neutered). McLaren emphasizes that the church needs to be more concerned with doing good works, than being right about everything. His emphasis is 'kingdom-living.' You must eat the meat, and spit out the bones. His writing has a lot of bones, but some of the meat is top grade. Anyway, check out the video, and feel free to share your thoughts.