Ed Stetzer

On Monday I finished 'Planting New Churches in a Postmodern Age' by Ed Stetzer. It was very good. Of course you wouldn't enjoy it unless planting a church was a viable option for your future (as he is VERY practical and hands-on & it is long). He has a doctorate from Southern, and used to teach there before he moved over to help with the North American Missions Board. He emphasizes theology, encourages biblical models and principles, and focuses on being relevant to your surrounding culture, or being missional (sorry Mark).

"The concept of missio Dei, the mission of God, is recognition that God is a sending God, and the church is sent. It is the most important mission in the Scriptures. Jesus Christ is the embodiment of that mission; the Holy Spirit is the power of that mission; the church is the instrument of that mission; and the culture is the context in which that mission occurs." (22)

"There is no basis, biblically or theologically, for the territorial distinction of missions and evangelism." (28)

"Postmoderns do not want to hear about Christianity; they want to see Christianity in action." (141)

"Postmodern preachers don't populate the pews; they connect people to the living Christ. Postmodern evangelism doesn't say to the world, 'Come to the church.' Rather it says to the church, 'Go to the world.'"

"When the church exists for feeding believers only, those believers become spiritual sponges that absorb more and more knowledge. If those sponges do nothing but soak in a pool of their own learning, they eventually sour. An unchurched person can hardly feel welcome in such a setting." (268)

"All biblical preaching is expositional preaching." (276) "The church planter must allow the text to set the agenda and to address the issues." (277)